Press releases

Severn Trent Water procure Nitrification Toxicity Monitors

Water Innovate, a subsidiary of Bluewater Bio International, the global specialist in wastewater treatment, is pleased to announce the sale of two of its groundbreaking N- TOX® instruments to Severn Trent Water. N-TOX® is a patented toxicity monitor used for detecting nitrification inhibition events in wastewater treatment facilities which can lead to inadequate treatment performance and discharges to the environment with high ammonia concentrations. The system also has applications in greenhouse gas monitoring to reduce the carbon footprint.


MC-RT - advanced oxidation process for recalcitrant wastes from Water Innovate

Water Innovate announce major developments with their MC-RT (membrane chemical reactor) technology, held under their exclusive patent portfolio.


Bluewater Bio completes acquisition of Water Innovate


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