Water Innovate

A dynamic force in water and wastewater treatment…

Our Vision

In May 2005 we completed our successful spin-out from the internationally renowned School of Water Sciences at Cranfield University in the UK. The vision behind Water Innovate’s exciting contribution to the water and environment industry was to break new ground by providing, for the first time, an effective conduit for the transfer of new technologies out of the laboratory and into the industry, bridging the innovation gap that had existed in the sector for far too long.

Our Role

Water Innovate is the central driver in the cycle of technology commercialisation (see diagram). We have worked with water utilities and the School of Water Sciences (SWS) to develop solutions to water and wastewater treatment problems. We have then developed and commercialised the technology to provide an innovative range of products to bring to the international water and environmental industries.

Above: Water Innovate is a key driver in the cycle of
technology commercialisation

Our focus is on commercialising the technologies developed with the School of Water Sciences and taking them to market either directly or through licensing deals. We are now investing significant resources in further development of additional technologies, as well as in evaluating opportunities to acquire additional portfolios of water related technology from various sources to bring to market.

Proven Management Team

Turning innovative technology and vision into a real business has required financial investment, effective management and expert technical knowledge and experience.
Water Innovate is run by a highly effective management team that provides these requirements comprising Professor Tom Stephenson (Technical Director) and John Catling (Executive Chairman).

: Tom Stephenson

Water Innovate was initially created by Tom Stephenson. He brings over twenty five years of world-leading research and development experience to the Company. Tom is a graduate biochemist, has a doctorate in civil engineering from Imperial College and is a chartered chemical engineer.

Tom joined Cranfield in 1990 and he built the School of Water Sciences from a turnover of approximately £120,000 to over £2 Million; he is currently in charge of Cranfield’s School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science. Tom has consulted for many companies, contributed to government and OECD Reports and recently led overseas science and technology missions to Japan and the USA. He has been a Director of British Water and has chaired the Industry Team on the DTI sponsored Innovation and Growth Team for the Environmental Goods and Services Sector. Tom's own areas of expertise and research relevant to Water Innovate are in landfill leachate treatment, nitrification and denitrification, biological processes for the treatment of difficult wastes, and membrane bioreactors.

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